The Moving Checklist


  • Purchase packing materials.
  • Arrange time off for closing and move day.
  • File for a change of address and ask your post office if they offer mail forwarding so you don’t miss any mail.
  • Start the purging process.
  • Notify schools (if changing). Get medical records for new schools (if needed).
  • Set aside and organize items to sell or donate.
  • Begin packing nonessential/infrequent used items.
  • Label all boxes on the top and sides.


  • Set aside “Last minute items” e.g. (clothing, laptop, medication) that you will need a week before your move, so they can be used and packed on the last day.
  • Moving company research: read reviews, understand if they are insured, and how they plan things that can disrupt your moves, like bad weather or illness, and understand their fee and how it is calculated.
  • Make a game plan for your pet on a moving day.
  • Book a moving company.


  • Pack sensitive items or valuables that need extra attention.
  •  Schedule a professional cleaning company.
  • Make donations, sell items, and hire a junk removal service.
  • Call service and utility providers (e.g. cable, internet, electricity, trash, banks) to inform them of your new location and move date.


  • Complete your packing. Leaving only “Last minute” items out for the moving day.
  • Confirm details with your moving company.
  • Pack a small suitcase with essential items.
  • Get cash for moving day tips.
  • Defrost fridge/freezer, self-clean oven, surfaces, and floors.
  • Dispose of chemicals or hazardous items.
  • Make sure all boxes are labeled accurately.
  • Plan to be home when the movers arrive.

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