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Stephen Skaer and Justin Bohnert met during their time at Colorado State University.




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A different kind of move!
Stephen Skaer and Justin Bohnert met during their time at Colorado State University. They worked alongside one another for a moving company. The pair first formed a strong friendship, then they formed a business – Skyline Moving Company. Stephen and Justin officially incorporated their business before graduating, and although they started young, their age has never once slowed them down.
Now in its seventh year, Skyline Moving Company has twelve moving trucks and well over fifty employees. This includes a sales and estimating team of five and a team of forty to fifty movers depending on the season. With locations in Denver and Loveland, they serve all of Northern Colorado and Metro Denver. Skyline Moving Company has earned more than 800 five-star reviews and they complete thousands of moves every year. They’re just getting started.
“We saw an opportunity to do moving right. Movers often have a bad reputation for being dishonest or shady. We saw that first-hand and we wanted to build something else,” Justin said. “We understood the business and we were willing to put in the work to build something different. We both worked every day for years – no days off – to make it to where we’re at.”
Skyline Moving Company set out to be better than the rest and they’ve lived up to that promise. Their number one priority is to always offer impeccable customer service. “We train and invest in our team so things just go smoothly and the vast majority of the time, they do. They all know how to treat the customers and work with them, and we always answer our phones. When a problem does come up, we make it right with the customer, no matter what.”
The other thing that’s different about Skyline Moving Company is that they charge door to door, unlike many others who charge dock to dock. What this means is that the customer does not get charged until the Skyline movers arrive at the customer’s house; other companies often charge the driving distance between their office and the home.
“Moving is something we understand… we’re good at it. We get to help a lot of people and we provide a productive service. We do a lot of good in our communities. Moving is one of those things that everyone has to do at some point, but many cannot physically do it. I’m proud of us for creating a business that helps people when they need it most,” Justin said.
“We want to incentivize our team to do a good job at every move,” Justin detailed. “We offer each employee competitive pay rates, flexible schedules, a gym membership, chiropractic adjustments, and massage therapy. They also have good opportunities to move up – foreman positions, managers, and even sales. It’s a good place to work and we have the best team.”
Culture is important to both Justin and Stephen, and they have built a company that embodies their values. For every move, they all work hard to make it as easy as possible for their customers. “Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about the movers. We just want to help people and that starts with good customer service. The entire team is here to make the whole move go smoothly, no matter who you’re talking to.”
Skyline offers free, no-obligation cost estimates. A trained estimator will personally come to the house to look at the items and the logistics of the move to provide an accurate and fair quote. “We’re not always the cheapest movers, but in terms of value and expertise – you’re not going to find a better company in the area,” Justin said. “Your belongings matter and we move them as if they were ours.”
“Almost everyone has had a bad moving experience,” Justin added. “We hear about it all the time. So when people get to us, they’re nervous – rightfully so. We love proving to them that we provide a different kind of move.”
“The thing I like most about this job is just the logistical side of things,” Justin said. “Every day, we have jobs across the region. We have to make sure that we have the trucks and our team in the right place so everything goes smoothly. It’s a puzzle but I love it. I love knowing that we’re helping people.”
Stephen, Justin, and his wife, Karissa, also own a full-service cleaning company – Skyline Cleaning Services. Karissa manages that arm of the business and often their work goes hand in hand. Skyline Cleaning specializes in move-out cleans and comes in after the movers have done their part.
“Working with Stephen is great. We get along so well and we communicate very well. We both always have the best interest of our company, our team, and our clients at heart so we’re always working toward the same goal. He’s my unrelated brother,” Justin said.
Moving is the final piece of any transaction and often the most important, it’s also unfortunately where many mistakes happen. The moving company you partner with matters. “We’re a company you can count on. Whenever a Real Estate Agent makes a recommendation, you put your own name on the line along with it, and we respect that. You can trust us. Your clients will be taken care of – we will show up and deliver every time,” Justin said.
Justin and Stephen are both Loveland natives and have lived in the area their whole lives. They are both very active and they love being outdoors. Spending time with friends and family is something that’s important to both of them. In the future, they only see the company growing and they’re actively looking for new ventures.

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